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Spiritual painting
by Jozef Rulof
made in trance

This website provides subjects of spiritual science that are part of the University of Christ.

The University of Christ was founded on Earth for the Masters of Light from the After Life on the 25th of July 1945 by the Dutch mediumistic writer Jozef Rulof.

So the purpose of this website is to unlock some of the main topics of this far reaching science for you in a nutshell, to introduce you to this knowledge, and also to provide you with free access to the introductory books from the Masters of Light.

And if you have any questions, want to share anything or like to talk about Rulof's work, then the forum might be a conveniant place for you to visit.

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Jozef Rulof

Jozef Rulof

Jozef Rulof lived in the Netherlands from 1898 to 1952. During his whole life Jozef was guided, trained, protected and helped by his personal spiritual guide: Master Alcar.

Master Alcar was a famous Flemish painter in his last life on earth. This was in England and he was close friends with Jozef in that life. Jozef was an astronomist back then and of course he had a different name. Their relationship goes back even before that. They had met before in previous lives.

The life of Jozef Rulof is described in his biography Jeus of Mother Crisje.
A short version about his youth and talents is also available in the online biography at Rulof.org.

* * *

Together with a second Master, Master Zelanus, Master Alcar wrote a series of books through Jozef Rulof. These books were brought to Earth before, during and after the Second World War of 1939 to 1945. The Masters knew that after those horrible times the people on Earth would be ready for a new kind of Spiritual Science to bring their evolution forward. It may take many years for the people on our planet to become familiar with this even though some aspects are quite familiar like God, Christ, Love, Reïncarnation, Carma and other things.

* * *

Today the legacy of Jozef Rulof comprises 27 spiritual books totaling over 11,000 pages and a great number of spiritual paintings made in trance. These books give the answers to the deep questions of life: why are we here, who are we, where do we have to go?

Look at the spiritual painting at the top of this page, Golgotha. This was made while Jozef himself was in trance and a Master of Light worked through his organism. Jozef could never have made such paintings himself because he had no qualities whatsoever to be a painter. This and many other paintings are meant to open your mind and to convince the People On Earth of the Masters of Light in the After Life.

* * *

Jozef Rulof painting in trance

Jozef Rulof on stage

Hi-speed painting
in trance

Master Alcar

Master Alcar's last life on Earth: sir Anthony van Dyck

Spiritual books

Spiritual book
by Jozef Rulof
written in trance

Click here for a trip to the first, second and third Sphere of Light.
(PDF format)
This trip where Master Alcar took André (that's Jozef's name when he was disembodied) to the Spheres of Light is described in A View into the Hereafter.

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    A gallery of spiritual paintings from the Masters of Light, made by Jozef Rulof in trance. This gallery starts with some photos of Jozef Rulof during public performances.
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Only by serving and loving the life of God,
the human being conquers his Universe.